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Tag: Xbox Series X

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Hitman 2 – The Finish Line PART 3

Welcome back to the track! Okay, we didn’t really leave but we’re headed towards the finish line in this section of, Hitman 2. YouTube 2021

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Hitman 2 – At The Track PART 2

Let us spend the day at the race track! Suit up as a pit crew member or gain private access by rocking security attire. YouTube 2021

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Hitman 2 – Fresh Start PART 1

NastyCivic jumps into Hitman 2 after a few months off from the first game in the franchise. After 1 comes 2, and then 3. There’s a long way to go! YouTube 2021

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Destiny 2 – Back and Out

It was nice stepping back into the realm of, Destiny 2. Overall, an enjoyable game that can become daunting with the constant grinding of quests but that’s what an MMORPG is all about! Facebook

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Destiny 2 – Back Again

Enter into the tunnel of illusions with Destiny 2 as more co-op gameplay went underway on Mixer. Follow SteveScotland for the opportunity to join LIVE! Facebook

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Destiny 2 – Bounty Huntin’

To relive the experience of Destiny, it’s time to pick back up Destiny 2 for a few weeks. What has changed? Has the game been saved by the updates after its release? Facebook