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Borderlands 3 – Defeat Katagawa Jr PART 15

Meridian Metroplex will be the next stop for in mission. Who’d ever thought of the time it takes for a simple mission. Doesn’t help that I must collect everything that I see! Youtube

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Borderlands 3 – Defeat Katagawa Ball PART 14

Upgrading skills, defeating enemies, gaining ground through the story, and still enjoying this game, Borderlands 3! Youtube

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The Last Of Us – Multiplayer Action

NastyCivic enjoys some multiplayer in, The Last of Us! How do you like the multiplayer? Youtube

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Borderlands 3 – Invasion of Privacy PART 13

It may take a long time to open a single weapon cache but it’s part of the mission in, Borderlands 3. YouTube 2020

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Z – 20+ Years Since!

From the mid-’90s, comes this classic that you may have never heard of! A fan of Command & Conquer? Watch the video and see how it compares. Youtube

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Borderlands 3 – Destroying Servers PART 12

Skywell-27 is the location to complete the Space-Laser Tag mission. When the going gets tuff, we proceed to the Golden Cloves mission. Need better loot! YouTube 2020