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Crackdown 3 – TerraNova Main Headquarters (Final)

It has been long enough! The sights have been set on the TerraNova Main Headquarters. This will be the final broadcast for this game! Thank you for tagging along during the adventure. YouTube

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Crackdown 3 – Enemy Backup Inbound

Before the battle with Elizebeth, all enemies come before must be destroyed. We’re inching closer and closer to finishing this game! YouTube 2021

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Unboxing: Mass Effect Legendary Cache

Chris and Mike unbox the Mass Effect Legendary Cache! YouTube 2021

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Crackdown 3 – The Vision

Alois Quist is a boss that is difficult on a multiple of levels. Seriously, you must health drain the enemy three times all while maintaining a defense against the enemy forces. YouTube 2021

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Drop Zone

Another great class, when playing multiplayer, is shotguns. Different maps call for different equipment when you’re on the hunt for unlocking weapon skins. Facebook 2021