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GTA V – Spending Money Making Money PART 19

Steve, Mike, and Chris roam the streets to claim money! What’s this, a new submarine? YouTube 2021

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GTA V – CEO Money Runs PART 16

Although Rockstar gives us a daily visitors bonus, sometimes it’s just not enough when it comes to visiting the casino. At least co-op makes money runs a lot easier. And so does having a rocket mounter flying car. Facebook 2021

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GTA V – Dump Truck Delivery PART 15

Driving a dump truck through the city streets could be enjoyable but we’re under a time constraint to deliver counterfeit money. If successful, $52,000+ will be deposited into our bank account. Facebook 2021

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GTA V – Christmas w/xXraid3nXxMGS

Spending the holiday with xXraid3nXxMGS on GTA V. Wasting time in the city limits and a supply drop for quick money. We hope everyone’s holiday was spectacular! Broadcasted Christmas day. YouTube 2020

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GTA V – It’s Snowing! PART 8

Rockstar’s April Fools Day prank…………SNOW! For a limited time, the streets were covered and the roads were slick. Good thing a flying car is parked in the garage. Facebook