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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic – Dynamite Dunes PART 2

Dynamite Dunes continues to grow profit and more coasters are being constructed. Safety is a known concern and inspections must happen often! Save your progress often. YouTube 2020

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EGS Productions Podcast #302

Steve re-lives the Motor City Comic Con after-party, Ricky describes the Epic VS Apple lawsuit, the Captain Marvel movie branded name being dropped, Ellon Musk’s SNL appearance, and the harsh reality of becoming a star with today’s social media.

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Podcast Update

As a website exclusive, each podcast post will have the Youtube version before release on our other social media platforms!Podcast #299 Youtube post has been since deleted and the Youtube video has been moved to the original post below:’re in the process of merging the off-site recordings through applications that will allow us to more interaction with the community […]

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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic – Leafy Lake PART 3

A rollercoaster crash! Will the final objective be met in-time? YouTube 2020

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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic – Leafy Lake PART 2

The Leafy Lake mission resumes for the purpose of obtaining 500 quests at the end of October, Year 3. Can’t forget about the 600 park rating! YouTube 2020

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RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic – Leafy Lake PART 1

Steve plays a classic! This will be a loooooooooong game until completion. YouTube 2020

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Spring Content Schedule

Our Spring Schedule M: Steve’s Broadcast ReleaseT: OpenW: WoW Wednesday’s Broadcast ReleaseT: NastyCivic’s Broadcast ReleaseF: Achievement GuideS: Podcast (COVID-19 causing a delay)S: Open Facebook

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Making The Move

It’s a drag coming home on a Monday and after a long day to read that Mixer is shutting down. I’m an avid streamer on Mixer and what does this mean for me? What do I now? Of course, other avenues will be explored. Twitch was my first streaming HQ with the profile AngrySteveScotland. It was a fun gimmick to […]

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COVID-19 – Delay In Podcasts

Hey, everyone! We hope everyone is staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic and with this stay-at-home order, we’ve been unable to stream the podcast. Once the order has been lifted we will be back to our regularly scheduled program to release the podcast across our social media platforms. For the time being, enjoy the weekly streams and achievement guides as we progress through this tough time of staying at home. As gamers, this may be nothing out of the normal from our daily regimen, but, we still want to obey the current order and ensure the safety of others. Follow SteveScotland on Mixer for LIVE-streams and embark on the free money and loot that’s gathered during each stream. Until we […]

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Welcome to the New Year!

We hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start! Something that this channel has been lacking, since 2016, are some achievement guides!!! We’re happy to start releasing achievement guides across our social media platforms and will continue to release content, as scheduling conflicts may occur. Our first achievement guide playlist of the New Year is Call of Duty: […]

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Come back every Monday and Thursday for a new video game broadcast! We broadcast on Twitch: NastyCivic and Mixer: SteveScotland. Follow us and participate in the open lobbies to join the action. Meet the contributors from the YouTube channel that has been keeping it alive for over 8 years! Thank you all for the years of support!!! From the bottom […]