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Podcast Update

As a website exclusive, each podcast post will have the Youtube version before release on our other social media platforms!Podcast #299 Youtube post has been since deleted and the Youtube video has been moved to the original post below:’re in the process of merging the off-site recordings through applications that will allow us to more interaction with the community […]

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Making The Move

It’s a drag coming home on a Monday and after a long day to read that Mixer is shutting down. I’m an avid streamer on Mixer and what does this mean for me? What do I now? Of course, other avenues will be explored. Twitch was my first streaming HQ with the profile AngrySteveScotland. It was a fun gimmick to […]

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Come back every Monday and Thursday for a new video game broadcast! We broadcast on Twitch: NastyCivic and Mixer: SteveScotland. Follow us and participate in the open lobbies to join the action. Meet the contributors from the YouTube channel that has been keeping it alive for over 8 years! Thank you all for the years of support!!! From the bottom […]