How many listeners are left in existence I wonder? I will soon find out because podcasts #308 and #309 have been recorded and are set to be released!!!! 

EGS Productions Podcast #308 will release the 1st week of May 

EGS Productions Podcast #309 will release the 3rd week of May 

Typically, podcasts will release on Saturdays, and I plan to stick with that schedule. However, I’m unsure of how often I’ll be able to record, edit, upload, and schedule. 

Through the process of converting all files and software to a new computer, the laptop has been laid to rest and bugs are being worked out with the new computer. Bugs you say? It’s a new computer….. how are there bugs? Maybe “bugs” isn’t the best word to use but let me put it this way…. When you’ve been using the same software since 2011, things change over the course of time, especially with technology. It’s changing almost daily! Now I must dedicate time to relearn the same processes but with newer versions, or completely different programs. 

That said, podcast #308 will have a different sound than the normal quality. Why? Something happened with how the original audio was recorded and it wasn’t discovered until the final version was exported. Don’t worry, podcast #309 is not like this.

Going forward, this is a new learning curve with using a MUCH newer version of software and I’m looking forward to the process of producing better content.


P.S. Thank you for listening to the podcast, sharing the podcast, following the posts across social media, and leaving comments. I enjoy reading them and appreciate the 10+ years of support! 

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