It’s a drag coming home on a Monday and after a long day to read that Mixer is shutting down. I’m an avid streamer on Mixer and what does this mean for me? What do I now?

Of course, other avenues will be explored. Twitch was my first streaming HQ with the profile AngrySteveScotland. It was a fun gimmick to add my review of games while venting the pure frustrations that some titles can bring to a person. That channel name has now changed to, EGSsteve.

I will not continue with the gimmick and will head to a more community interaction with Twitch. The channel will be rated for mature content due to the games that will be broadcasted but don’t let that deter you from watching. I often host open lobbies and love meeting new people in the chat. That brings me to a great point with these streaming services. I’ve read through countless articles and they seem to reflect the streaming services as a waste of time. For someone like myself, it’s been an open opportunity to explore how creative the world is. From making beer, live broadcasts of video game concepts being crated, gaming expos, endless music, and countless of other genres that I’ve explored, I’m EXTREMELY thankful for the folks that have stayed in my streams to enjoy any conversation at that given time. Friendships have been made, users have been blocked and since 2017, the ride has been fantastic!

The channel was started on Nov 04, 2017, and at the time of typing this article, there have been 613 people that received notifications for every time the ‘Start Broadcast’ button was clicked. 1,800+ channel views, over 250 video game broadcasts, hundreds of hours spent recording, 12,053,134 sparks earned, gained enough XP to become level 109, and the video game list that can impress fellow geeks alike. Mixer has been an adventure and I’m truly sad to see the doors to close.

For Twitch, the NEW HQ for my gaming broadcasts will be streamed in hopes of gaining the same level of fun that was experienced on Mixer. A schedule will be released following the birth of re-broadcasting on Twitch. I still plan on moving the content over on the normal days that I would stream. Wednesday’s have been dedicated to World of Warcraft for running dungeons and completing quests (typically an open lobby). The weekend I will remain open to broadcasting a variety of games. And yes, that will include the newest season of Fortnite and the continuation for the multiple running series that we currently have.

The FINAL Mixer broadcast date has been set! Sunday, July 19th, 2020. Join LIVE as we close a door in the streaming history books and venture into the realm of a new world of possibilities.

To all the Mixer supporters, you’ve been great and I appreciate the hospitality! Come join me on Twitch or continue to follow me across the multiple social media platforms. Visit the website, We release weekly achievement guides, broadcasts, and host a video game podcast on iTunes.

Until next time, I’ll see you on the battlefield or in the chat!


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