EGS Productions Podcast #234 (June 2017)

Listen as Steve and Megan go over some of the coverage shown at this years E3! Later, Steve calls a fan to discuss their states gun control laws and to share a drunken story that involved a fight.

E3 2017

EGS Productions Podcast #225

EGS talks about the Power Rangers teaser trailer, Extra Life charity event, Wasteland 3 funding campaign, GTA V and more!
Wasteland 3 Campign
EGS Productions Stream Team
Power Rangers Taser Trailer
Jason David Frank Interview

EGS Productions Podcast #215

EGS chats about the Warrior Dash charity run, Disney Infinity, Darksiders, Uncharted movie and someone being sexually assaulted by a doll! Featuring Steve and Megan.
San Diego Comic Con
Doll Assaulting Guest

EGS Productions Podcast #134

EGS talks about their pre-New year’s festivities, CES 2015, and the dirty side of Netflix.
Halo 5 Beta Updated

Kid Calls 911 For PSN Outages

CES 2015

Pizza Guy Gets Massive Tip From Gamer

Mac Sabbath

EGS Productions Podcast #130

EGS talks about The Video Game Awards, breast dancing and much more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Darren & Lizzy Kickstarter

Skin It!

DayZ Creator Opens New Studio

Guy Gets 203 Simpsons Character Tattoos

Doritos Crust Pizza

EGS Productions Podcast #126

EGS share their thoughts about Rooster Teeth being acquired, Guinness World Records fiasco, and a huge Batman vs Superman spoiler. Featuring Nate and Steve.


Fullscreen “Acquires” Rooster Teeth

Guinness World Records Crowns Call of Duty as Best Game Series

World of Warcraft Documentary

Batman vs Superman Latest Leak