EGS Productions Podcast #218

EGS talks about the greedy Tom Cruise, Halo Wars 2 beta opportunities, Destiny: The Collection, Kenny Baker and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Destiny: The Collection
Halo Wars 2 Upcoming Beta
Dead Rising 4 Pre-Order
In Memory: Kenny Baker

EGS Productions Podcast #216

EGS welcomes Nate back to the weekly podcast schedule and discuss a possible Star Wars TV show, Suicide Squad and Pokemon GO! Featuring Steve and Nate.

Xbox One Summer Update
Steve Spilburg = Halo TV Show
Hidden Master Chief In Xbox One S
Joker Star Outlook On Suicide Squad

EGS Productions Podcast #187

EGS questions the Snoop Dogg rant about Bill Gates, John Romero possible DOOM comeback and why does a blind guy need a flashlight? Find out in this weeks podcast featuring Steve and Nate.
Awesome Games Done Quick Raises 1.2 Million

Snoop Dog vs Bill Gates

John Romero Makes His First Doom Level in 21 Years

EGS Productions Podcast #180

EGS discusses some black Friday deals, The Walking Dead, what Thanksgiving means within their hearts, and a soggy biscuit! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Halo 5 DLC Teaser

Black Friday Deals

Dominoes Easy Button

Kung Fury

EGS Productions Podcast #179

EGS discusses ’The Man With the New Face’, temptation about Japan’s gold leaf Kit Kat bars and talks in depth about the Fast N’ Furious franchise! Featuring Steve and Nate.
The Man With the New Face

Resident Revelations Episode One For FREE

Button Remapping For Standard Xbox One Controllers

Gold Leaf Kit Kat Bars


EGS Productions Podcast #124

EGS discusses vandalization with a 80ft butt plug, Wing Boners porn and Microsoft’s Halo Fest. Featuring Nate and Steve.



Microsoft and Halo Fest

80ft butt plug deflated

Kickstarter: Air Umbrella

Lucasfilm Strikes Back Against Beer Trademark

Hunny Boo Boo Mom Trouble

EGS Productions Podcast #92

EGS brings in St. Patricks Day 2014, with many milliliters.
Walmart stores to trade games
South Park sequel potential

Fake GTA 5 PC Beta Email

Simpsons lego characters

Newscasters dive under news desk on live tv


Batman and Robin necklaces

Dating app for airline flights

Sarlaac toilet decals

TMNT action figures