EGS Productions Podcast #235 (July 2017)

EGS wraps up some release dates for E3, talks San Diego Comic Con and Mike shares his spending habits with his mothers credit card.

EGS Productions Podcast #130

EGS talks about The Video Game Awards, breast dancing and much more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Darren & Lizzy Kickstarter

Skin It!

DayZ Creator Opens New Studio

Guy Gets 203 Simpsons Character Tattoos

Doritos Crust Pizza

EGS Productions Podcast #91

EGS finds out why you don’t mess with old people.
Ubisoft Toronto Working on Five Unannounced Games

WoW level boost

PS4 trophy update

‘Sometimes A Project Needs A Reboot’

Fake Hoverboards

Otter eats alligator

Mirrored fences

Chocolate chip cookie shot glasses

Kid creates nuclear machine

Podcast of the Week: Doug Loves Movies