EGS Productions Podcast #232 (April 2017)

Nate and Steve talk about the Wizard Of Oz behind the scenes, Joe Louis Arena, Tom Clancy’s Wildlands and exciting comic con news.

EGS productions Podcast #231 (March 2017)

We’re a day late and a month short but…

It’s time for a new podcast!

This time we recorded with some of the best talent found on the Internet today! (that was an April Fool’s joke). Steve gets to enjoys Nate’s company and has him over long enough to record a podcast! Sit back as they discuss Beauty and the Beast, Tom Clancy Wildlands, Nate’s option on politics, and Frank the fish.


EGS Productions Podcast #193

EGS discusses a large fireball hitting earth, Hitman beta details,  and how to make a twinkie wiener sandwich! Featuring Nate and Steve.


Uber Driver Murder

Large Fireball From Space Vs. Atlantic Ocean

Man Changes Name To Double Bacon Cheese Burger

Netflix Announces New Original Anime Series


EGS Productions Podcast #177

EGS discusses why Cortana is always naked, bitch about The Walking Dead and their participation in this weekends Extra Life charity! Featuring Steve and Nate.
The Reasoning Why Is Cortana Naked

Master Chief’s Helmet, Diamond, Makeover

Craft Beer Brew Bot

Star Wars Cast Members Helping A Dying Fan

Warcraft Movie Teaser Trailer


EGS Productions Podcast #155

EGS talks about Nate’s ‘Make A Wish’ ideas, and discuss the death with Think Geek! Featuring Steve and Nate.
E3 2015 Schedule

Sony Playstation panel Theater List

Bazooka Joe New Look
Jaws 40th Anniversary

EGS Productions Podcast #135

EGS raises their eyebrows over a Smartphone stick for butt selfies, details about the 2015 game release schedule, and sheds light on Norm Breyfogle’s condition. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Championship Details

2015 Game Release Schedule

Norm Breyfogle Donation Link

Sylvester Stallone Writing Desk

Motor City Comic Con 2015

EGS Podcast #68

EGS logo 300x300


EGS can’t get no satisfaction.

Heavy Metal Rocker to Stand Trial for Soliciting the Murder of His Wife

Public beta test this spring for Destiny

Mighty #9 kickstarter

Google launches Android game vending machines

28 killed, hundred injured by swarms of giant hornets in China

Mister Rogers Movie

Podcast of the Week: Super Best Friend Cast!

‘The Dark Knight’ gets an 8-bit remake