EGS Productions Podcast #217

EGS opens some fan mail, talks about Activision Blizzard, Kevin Smith and Founders Film Fest! Featuring Steve, Nate and Leo.
Ghostbusters Developer In Trouble
The Adventures of Batman and Robin For Sale
Steven Seagal pooping himself
Founders Film Fest

EGS Productions Podcast #176

EGS question Master Chiefs real identity, Nike’s self lacing shoes and enjoys snacks from North Carolina. Featuring Steve, Nate and Andrew!
Extra Life

Self Lacing Nikes

EA Reveals More Star Wars Battlefront Beta Stats

Fallout Beer

A 103 Year-Old Titanic Cracker Sold!

EGS Productions Podcast #174

EGS talks about Daniel Craig’s interview with London press, billionaires making a difference and the New Jersey Devil being spotted! Featuring Nate, Steve and Leo.
New Jersey Devil Spotted!

Titanic Biscuit Being Sold

Daniel Craig Doesn’t “Give A F**k”

5hr Energy Creator Making A Difference

EGS Productions Podcast #102

EGS grinds through another weeks of the latest gaming, movie and pop culture news. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Watchdogs suffering from UPlay

Nintendo wants lets play money

Watchdogs deal codes:


Worlds tallest waterside

10 years, 100ft dragon into hedge

Panera bread automated ordering systems