EGS productions Podcast #231 (March 2017)

We’re a day late and a month short but…

It’s time for a new podcast!

This time we recorded with some of the best talent found on the Internet today! (that was an April Fool’s joke). Steve gets to enjoys Nate’s company and has him over long enough to record a podcast! Sit back as they discuss Beauty and the Beast, Tom Clancy Wildlands, Nate’s option on politics, and Frank the fish.


EGS productions Podcast #226

EGS discusses Ewan McGregor and re-birthing Obi-Wan’s character, Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3, a possible Red Dead Redemption teaser and more!
Obi-Won Spinoff?
Extra-Life Donation Center

EGS Productions Podcast #206

EGS discusses the obscured sport of combat juggling, Olympic athletes “doping”, iron banner issues with Destiny, and The Division latest patch. Featuring Steve and Nate!
New Cellphone-Cancer Study

London Olympics athletes fail doping tests

Bees In The Masses

EGS Productions Podcast #197

EGS discuss what the Easter Bunny is laying in their back yards, a vigilante zebra, Paul McCartney, a sad Batfleck and an exploding star! Featuring Nate and Steve.

Zebra Vigilante

Paul McCartney’s Voicemail to Destiny Composer

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch

The Early Flash of an Exploding Star

Sad Batfleck

EGS Productions Podcast #161

EGS discusses San Diego Comic-Con coverage, HoloLens being used for medical practice, and a strange way to pleasure yourself. Featuring Steve and Nate!

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Trailers

Halo 5 Multiplayer Warzone Map In Mega Blocks

Batman And TMNT Cross-over

HoloLens And Anatomy
-Microsoft HoloLens transforms the way we teach anatomy
600 Miles To San Diego Comic-Con

EGS Productions Podcast #120

EGS discusses a strange festival in Japan, Destiny bugs and the latest geek news. Featuring Steve and Nate.


Destiny patch details

Chive Charties

Batman vs Superman set photos

Filmmakers to use Drones

EGS Productions Podcast #115

EGS debates over movie quotes and discusses the newest gaming content.
Solid State Beverages

Students develop nail polish to detect date-rape drugs

Pierce Brosnan and Jimmy Fallon

Android app to lock phones

Man calls police after lap dance

Captain America Winter Solider easter eggs

EGS Podcast #81

EGS FINALLY has power back!

NYE: NYC 2014

Battlefield 4 banned in China

Quick Scoping And No-Scoping Will Be “Ineffective”

Ben Deck one handed controller 

Sony ending titles

Deadpool vs. Carnage

Podcast of the Week: Midwest Nerds

Podcast of the Week: EAT.GEEK.PLAY