EGS Productions Podcast #220

EGS talks about reliving stress with suction-cupped testicles, Gene Wilder, Microsoft HoloLens and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Friday The 13th The Game
Images of Microsoft HoloLens
Niceballs For Relief
Death to Gene Wilder

EGS Productions Podcast #198

EGS entertains you by singing The Jungle Book theme song, the location where Bruce Wayne resides, and Mass Effect news. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Bruce Wayne Residence

3,133 Titles Being Sold

DOOM ‘Fight Like Hell’ Trailer

Jimmy Johns Really Is ‘Freaky Fast’

Horror Landmark Becoming A BBQ Restaurant

EGS Podcast #80

EGS enjoys the holidays with traveling from place to place, to find power.
Lawsuit Filed Against EA Over Buggy Battlefield 4

Dead Rising 3 DLC Delayed

Road Island governor calls game studio junk

PopCap games marriage proposal

D&D rule changes in 2014

Blizzard closes Hearthstone beta

Millennium Falcon Chocolates

Flower shotgun shells