EGS Productions Podcast #234 (June 2017)

Listen as Steve and Megan go over some of the coverage shown at this years E3! Later, Steve calls a fan to discuss their states gun control laws and to share a drunken story that involved a fight.

E3 2017

EGS Productions Podcast #149

EGS talks about the Star Wars Celebration, Ellen Page’s nude images and David Hasselhoffs True Survivor music video. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Battlefront Cinematic Trailer

Ellen Page, Beyond Two Souls, Nude Images

7yr Old Writes George Lucas

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer II

Batman vs Superman Trailer

EGS Productions Podcast #143

EGS discusses PAX East and talk about what they would do if they were billionaires. Featuring Nate and Steve.
PAX East 2015

New Custom Xbox One Controllers

Griffon Ramsey Chainsaw Sculpture

Evans And Pratt Superbowl Bet

Harrison Ford In Plane Crash

EGS Productions Podcast #125

EGS bitches about Michigan construction, their history of friendship and all while having a special guest. Featuring Steve, Nate and Mallory.




Wayne Static’s Untimely Death

Microsoft Dismisses R&D Staff In China

Playstation Experience update

Guinness World Record’s Loudest Burp

Furious 7 trailer

EGS Productions Podcast #124

EGS discusses vandalization with a 80ft butt plug, Wing Boners porn and Microsoft’s Halo Fest. Featuring Nate and Steve.



Microsoft and Halo Fest

80ft butt plug deflated

Kickstarter: Air Umbrella

Lucasfilm Strikes Back Against Beer Trademark

Hunny Boo Boo Mom Trouble

EGS Productions Podcast #119

EGS gets off of a sugar rush while discussing their bathroom fantasies and the latest gaming content. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Box of 2,400 crispy cream doughnuts

Mighty Ducks: D2 anniversary

William Shatner May Be In Star Trek 3, Here’s What He’d Do

Keanu Reeves new movie

EGS Productions Podcast #116

EGS goes through the latest PAX news, discusses the history of beer, and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Canada Minting More Superman Coins

Rare All Black Chickens Even Have Black Meat, Bones

Texas Brewery Offering 99-Packs Of Beer

Portable ice cream maker you can kick

Study of Beer

Lord of the Rings Trilogy in concert

EGS Productions Podcast #115

EGS debates over movie quotes and discusses the newest gaming content.
Solid State Beverages

Students develop nail polish to detect date-rape drugs

Pierce Brosnan and Jimmy Fallon

Android app to lock phones

Man calls police after lap dance

Captain America Winter Solider easter eggs

EGS Productions Podcast #114

EGS gets their first sponsor, final Gamescon coverage and dose Nate playing scary games? Find out now!
Evil Within teaser trailer

Silent Hills trailer

Robin Williams nintendo response

Hobbit themed beer

Edible LEGO bricks

EGS Productions Podcast #113

EGS discusses Gamescon 2014 and other pressing news. Featuring Nate and Steve.
The Heart of a Champion

Assassins Creed monopoly game

Beastie Boys, ‘So What’Cha Want’ Muppets style

UK trying to ban smoking

Robin Williams death