EGS Productions Podcast #224

EGS drops details on Outlast 2, Extra-Life, project scorpio and more in this short, video game informal, podcast.
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Xbox LIVE Preview Update
Outlast 2 DEMO

Motor City Comic Con 2016 Coverage!

Hello, everyone!

Finally, it’s here! Coverage from Motor City Comic Con 2016 can be found here!!!

     Expect all the interviews to be finished within the next few weeks. Why so long to finish all the interviews? I have been extremely busy producing our weekly content and while comic con is a part of this website, it had to be put on the back burner to take care of more personal things. Rest assured, the rest of the content will be online as soon as possible.

Enjoy the content thats currently on the page and thank you again for the many years of support!


EGS Podcast #80

EGS enjoys the holidays with traveling from place to place, to find power.
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Dead Rising 3 DLC Delayed

Road Island governor calls game studio junk

PopCap games marriage proposal

D&D rule changes in 2014

Blizzard closes Hearthstone beta

Millennium Falcon Chocolates

Flower shotgun shells