EGS Productions Podcast #217

EGS opens some fan mail, talks about Activision Blizzard, Kevin Smith and Founders Film Fest! Featuring Steve, Nate and Leo.
Ghostbusters Developer In Trouble
The Adventures of Batman and Robin For Sale
Steven Seagal pooping himself
Founders Film Fest

EGS Productions Podcast #203

EGS gets prepared for this years Motor City Comic Con, discusses KFC’s edible nail polish and Nate expresses his opinion about the possible “The Mummy” reboot. Featuring Steve and Nate!
Inside Egypt’s Mysterious Pyramids
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign Details
KFC Edible Nail Polish
VANS Nintendo Shoe Line

EGS Productions Podcast #198

EGS entertains you by singing The Jungle Book theme song, the location where Bruce Wayne resides, and Mass Effect news. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Bruce Wayne Residence

3,133 Titles Being Sold

DOOM ‘Fight Like Hell’ Trailer

Jimmy Johns Really Is ‘Freaky Fast’

Horror Landmark Becoming A BBQ Restaurant

EGS Productions Podcast #135

EGS raises their eyebrows over a Smartphone stick for butt selfies, details about the 2015 game release schedule, and sheds light on Norm Breyfogle’s condition. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Championship Details

2015 Game Release Schedule

Norm Breyfogle Donation Link

Sylvester Stallone Writing Desk

Motor City Comic Con 2015

EGS Productions Podcast #132

EGS talks about breast beautifying on a stick, Notch’s new mansion, The Interview situation and all while being in the Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays from Steve and Nate!
Notch’s Mansion in Minecraft

Gingerbread Tower

Breast Beautifying Hand On A Stick

The Interview Limited Release

Goodbye to The Colbert Report

EGS Productions Podcast #106

EGS covers, Nintendo press conference at E3 2014. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Nintendo press conference, E3 2014

Planet Beers Of The Solar System

The LEGO Firewalk Challenge

Teddy Bear Sex Toy With Vibrator Muzzle

Vagina sculpture rescue