EGS Productions Podcast #220

EGS talks about reliving stress with suction-cupped testicles, Gene Wilder, Microsoft HoloLens and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Friday The 13th The Game
Images of Microsoft HoloLens
Niceballs For Relief
Death to Gene Wilder

EGS Productions Podcast #216

EGS welcomes Nate back to the weekly podcast schedule and discuss a possible Star Wars TV show, Suicide Squad and Pokemon GO! Featuring Steve and Nate.

Xbox One Summer Update
Steve Spilburg = Halo TV Show
Hidden Master Chief In Xbox One S
Joker Star Outlook On Suicide Squad

EGS Productions Podcast #169

EGS talks about Bungie being in hot water, Emma Thompson’s Spider-Man reboot thoughts and the top redneck names for children. Featuring Steve and Nate!


Halo Composer Wins Creative Control Lawsuit

Fallout Monopoly

Lolo Lids Kickstarter

Emma Thompson Is Done with Spider-Man Reboots

EGS Productions Podcast #115

EGS debates over movie quotes and discusses the newest gaming content.
Solid State Beverages

Students develop nail polish to detect date-rape drugs

Pierce Brosnan and Jimmy Fallon

Android app to lock phones

Man calls police after lap dance

Captain America Winter Solider easter eggs

EGS Podcast #81

EGS FINALLY has power back!

NYE: NYC 2014

Battlefield 4 banned in China

Quick Scoping And No-Scoping Will Be “Ineffective”

Ben Deck one handed controller 

Sony ending titles

Deadpool vs. Carnage

Podcast of the Week: Midwest Nerds

Podcast of the Week: EAT.GEEK.PLAY