EGS Productions Podcast #216

EGS welcomes Nate back to the weekly podcast schedule and discuss a possible Star Wars TV show, Suicide Squad and Pokemon GO! Featuring Steve and Nate.

Xbox One Summer Update
Steve Spilburg = Halo TV Show
Hidden Master Chief In Xbox One S
Joker Star Outlook On Suicide Squad

EGS Productions Podcast #197

EGS discuss what the Easter Bunny is laying in their back yards, a vigilante zebra, Paul McCartney, a sad Batfleck and an exploding star! Featuring Nate and Steve.

Zebra Vigilante

Paul McCartney’s Voicemail to Destiny Composer

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch

The Early Flash of an Exploding Star

Sad Batfleck

EGS Productions Podcast #151

EGS discusses a man who collapses after a two week gaming marathon, the Suicide Squad cast and the new delivery service from McDonald’s. Featuring Steve and Nate!
Ubisoft Releases FREE Child of Light Art Book

Lifeless Planet to Release on Xbox One

Digital Bee Brain Pilots Drone

Will Smith Unveils Full Deadshot Costume

EGS Productions Podcast #111

EGS has a minor encounter with Arnold, John Hammon, and the Predator.
Steve’s tramp stamp revile

Halo producer to change in franchise

SDCC 2014

Evil Dead television series

EGS Productions Podcast #106

EGS covers, Nintendo press conference at E3 2014. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Nintendo press conference, E3 2014

Planet Beers Of The Solar System

The LEGO Firewalk Challenge

Teddy Bear Sex Toy With Vibrator Muzzle

Vagina sculpture rescue

Podcasts now on YouTube

Remember a few months back when we, EGS Productions, released an older audio podcast over YouTube? Well, its back and with an all new episode!

Notice the different quality as we progress through our podcasts over the years. Its still not perfect but its a step in the right direction to make it a better visual experience of what we look like of and a few behind the scenes clips in our new podcast opener.

Make sure to check back every Wednesday for a new podcast by us on our website, but for now look to find our later podcast on YouTube. Click on the link below and as always, give us your feedback. Thank you for the support everyone!

Checkout our latest EGS Productions Podcast on YouTube!


EGS Podcast #74

EGS commands you to listen with the force.
Pix Theater fire

GTA V patches

South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed

Borderlands 2 Short Films Launching Next Month

Implanted Bluetooth biochip 

Crack-smoking mayor

Microsoft White Xbox One

Batman in costume

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Casting in Troy

Peek at The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Podcast of the Week: Geeks vs Nerds