EGS Productions Podcast #234 (June 2017)

Listen as Steve and Megan go over some of the coverage shown at this years E3! Later, Steve calls a fan to discuss their states gun control laws and to share a drunken story that involved a fight.

E3 2017

EGS Productions Podcast #87

EGS fights ghost along with some special guests. Featuring Nate, Steve and Mike.
GTA MISSIONS – The Impossible Catch!

Flappy Bird no more

Purple and Black Xbox 360 Controllers

Unreal engine on mobile devices

RTX Guardian Podcast ’14 #2

Home Intruder Selfie

Werewolf Looking Cats

Guy Destroys X-Box With Ground Meat, Chocolate Milk, Urine

X-Men Mansion LEGO Build

McGruff The Crime Dog Gets Busted

Back to the Future musical

George Zimmerman celebrity boxing

Float a Goat Games

Age Of Ultron Casts Paul Bettany

Jack Bower as Solid Snake?

Uncharted movie new director

Shirley Temple

EGS Podcast #67

EGS logo 300x300


EGS hates the winter months of Michigan.
Beer on tap in New Zealand house

Russell Brand fashion show speech

Warhammer Online Shutting Down

Xbox One Designed for Horizontal Orientation Only

DICE Exploring Battlefield 4 Head-Tracking Using Kinect

Official Gran Turismo Documentary is in The Works

Bioshock trilogy pack

Valve Reveals Linux-Based SteamOS

BlackBerry Sold for $4.7 Billion After Mass Layoffs

iOS 7.0 release

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Sales Top 9 Million in 3 Days

iFixit Tears Into Apple’s iPhone 5S

Detroit Fanfare Comic Con

Podcast of the Week: Closet-Nerds Podcast