BrewCast Adventures #1

For this new series, we take a look at BEER! Not only a look but a more in-depth tasting of craft beer. We’re not official judges, we’re not alcoholics, we’re people who enjoy craft beer and trying something new. Sit back, relax, crack open a brew with us and ENJOY RESPONSIBLY!

This time…
Mike and Steve start off the series by trying out two brews they’ve never tried before.

1st: Westport Wheat – O’Fallon Brewery
2nd: Oaktown Brown Ale – Calicraft Brewing Company

After the brews are consumed, stay tuned as the two try their luck with Harry Potter flavored Jellybeans! Oh, and the Jellybean flavors are as follows: Soap, dirt, earwax, sardine, vomit and more!

Let’s see who’s got luck and who’s got an iron stomach.

EGS Productions Podcast #227 (December 2016)


That’s right, were releasing one more podcast. Want to know what we’ve been doing, where we’ve been and if we’ll be back? Listen and find out NOW!

Many thanks for those who’ve been their since day one and who have always supported us through the years of happiness and hardship that has transformed not only EGS Productions, but our own personal lives.


EGS Productions Podcast #218

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