EGS productions Podcast #226

EGS discusses Ewan McGregor and re-birthing Obi-Wan’s character, Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3, a possible Red Dead Redemption teaser and more!
Obi-Won Spinoff?
Extra-Life Donation Center

EGS Productions Podcast #175

EGS goes over Friday the 13th: The Game kickstarter, applications on your phone that may be sharing your personal information, caffeinated peanut butter, and all while eating Australian candy! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Star Wars Plane Takes First Flight

Friday the 13th: The Game

Apps Banned For Breaching Users’ Personal Info

SNES Powered On For 20 Years!


EGS Productions Podcast #124

EGS discusses vandalization with a 80ft butt plug, Wing Boners porn and Microsoft’s Halo Fest. Featuring Nate and Steve.



Microsoft and Halo Fest

80ft butt plug deflated

Kickstarter: Air Umbrella

Lucasfilm Strikes Back Against Beer Trademark

Hunny Boo Boo Mom Trouble