EGS Productions Podcast #220

EGS talks about reliving stress with suction-cupped testicles, Gene Wilder, Microsoft HoloLens and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Friday The 13th The Game
Images of Microsoft HoloLens
Niceballs For Relief
Death to Gene Wilder

EGS Productions Podcast #147

EGS releases info on the Battlefront sign up, Rockstar’s cheating solution and the longest intercourse between two pandas. Featuring Steve(@steve_gaming) and Nate(@church0811)!
Rockstar’s Solution To GTA 5 Cheaters

Sign Up to Play Star Wars: Battlefront

Mortal Kombat X Official Trailer

Baby Tooth Pulled With Help From A Camaro

60 Year Knuckle Popper In Name Of Research

EGS Productions Podcast #124

EGS discusses vandalization with a 80ft butt plug, Wing Boners porn and Microsoft’s Halo Fest. Featuring Nate and Steve.



Microsoft and Halo Fest

80ft butt plug deflated

Kickstarter: Air Umbrella

Lucasfilm Strikes Back Against Beer Trademark

Hunny Boo Boo Mom Trouble

EGS Productions Podcast #123

EGS discusses Battlefront 3, The Master Chief Collection and dolls with squirting boobs! Featuring Steve and Nate.



Fun Facts: Super Mario Bros 3

Jason Momoa Buys GM Plant For Detroit Brewery

Puppy Size Spiders

Busty Bilboards in Moscow

Japan squirting boobs thats costs 5k

Behind the Scenes: Cool Prop Scenes

EGS Productions Podcast #106

EGS covers, Nintendo press conference at E3 2014. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Nintendo press conference, E3 2014

Planet Beers Of The Solar System

The LEGO Firewalk Challenge

Teddy Bear Sex Toy With Vibrator Muzzle

Vagina sculpture rescue