EGS Productions Podcast #211

EGS celebrates RTX 2016! Featuring Steve, Megan, Ian and Chris.
RTX Event 2016

Halo 5 Midnight Launch

Hello, everyone!

It’s that time again for another video game release within the Halo series and we swung by our local GameStop to check out the excitement. Although it may of been a cold night outside, anticipation filled the air as the minuets counted down to midnight for the game to be released. We’ve collected some video and pictures of the event and they can be found HERE!

Update: Video coverage from this event is now posted. Enjoy!

EGS Productions Podcast #116

EGS goes through the latest PAX news, discusses the history of beer, and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Canada Minting More Superman Coins

Rare All Black Chickens Even Have Black Meat, Bones

Texas Brewery Offering 99-Packs Of Beer

Portable ice cream maker you can kick

Study of Beer

Lord of the Rings Trilogy in concert

Post RTX recap

Yes, RTX is finally over. What were my personal thoughts and what were my job details as a guardian? Let me break it down…
First arriving in Austin, Texas is always a great feeling because I know from that point on, most of the people I encounter will be nice. Yes, not everyone over the course of the past week was not nice but for the majority, everyone was great.

Soon after retrieving my bag from baggage claim, I headed with my buddy Chris to the taxis and then I was on my way to the convention to start helping with some pre-RTX things. Those things I’m sorry that I can’t say what were specifically done but it was great seeing allot of my fellow guardians from last year. Once my guardian shirt and badge was received, I headed back to 6th street and unloaded my belongings. After that, it didn’t take to long for the drinks to start flowing into everyones blood stream. My main focus was to have one extremely fun night but that pretty much happened every day with the people I was staying with. From Cards Against Humanity to the new Transformers film to the endless solo cups, it was a blast before the event actually started. One thing I will say is not to get a place to rent on 6th street if you have to get up early each day. Reason why? Well, simply with all the bars going on until 2:30am, random people fighting, cop sirens, large group of people conversing outside your window, street sweepers and a few other things that happen, you will not get much sleep. Having to get up every morning at 5am was a task in itself. Not to mention having to work the next 12+hrs with minimum sleep.

Once Friday morning hit, it was time for the festivities to begin at the convention center for RTX. My title was security but I was all over the convention for the most part for all three days. From escorting Rooster Teeth staff, controlling autograph lines, testing Titanfall, seeing all the cospolay, it was a great time. I could go on and on about my experience but it was fantastic to say the very least. All in all, the convention went very smooth all three days considering some events that occurred.

A few highlights would have to be interacting with all the attendees throughout the weekend. Both at the con and on the streets of Austin. Podcasting with other RTX guardians and attendees, and Rooster Teeth staff member, Kathleen. Really far as good times go, there are way to many things to list.


In conclution, I made a ton of new friends and you can expect me to come back for next years RTX. Yes, I plan on being with the security team but we shall see what happens once registration starts. For now, I’m heading back to Detroit with a 5hr plane delay in Austin. Time to edit some videos, look over the photos I took and remember the great times I had while in Texas. Thank you to everyone I met and spent time with over the past week. You will be missed in my heart for many months to come, or at least until the next RTX :D.