EGS Productions Podcast #223

EGS releases the upcoming FREE Xbox Games With Gold, Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, and Adolf Hitler in Transformers? Find out the details now!
Transformers 5 and Including Nazis

EGS Productions Podcast #220

EGS talks about reliving stress with suction-cupped testicles, Gene Wilder, Microsoft HoloLens and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Friday The 13th The Game
Images of Microsoft HoloLens
Niceballs For Relief
Death to Gene Wilder

EGS Productions Podcast #142

EGS talks about Batman Arkham Knight hidden codes, their plan to blackmail John Dimaggio and the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Featuring, Steve and Nate.


Unreal Engine 4 For FREE

Batman Arkham Knight Hidden Codes

These Glasses Foil Facial Recognition Software

Jason Voorhees Coffee Table

Leonard Nimoy

EGS Productions Podcast #103

EGS prepares for E3 by discussing the latest topics. Featuring Nate and Steve.

New Homefront game

The Galactic Cap condom

Reading Rainbow raises over 3 million

Solor Roadways

Annie trailer

Ann B. Davis


EGS Productions Podcast #98

EGS smells like foot cheese, for no apparent reason. Featuring Steve and Nate.

Prevent Child Abuse America

Atari landfill

First ever Zonky

3-D printed casts

Teacher lap dance

Powered alcohol

Zombie paintball masks

RTX 2014

Simpsons LEGO crossover poster

Fox, X-Men on TV?

Friday the 13th TV Series