EGS Productions Podcast #218

EGS talks about the greedy Tom Cruise, Halo Wars 2 beta opportunities, Destiny: The Collection, Kenny Baker and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Destiny: The Collection
Halo Wars 2 Upcoming Beta
Dead Rising 4 Pre-Order
In Memory: Kenny Baker

EGS Productions Podcast #203

EGS gets prepared for this years Motor City Comic Con, discusses KFC’s edible nail polish and Nate expresses his opinion about the possible “The Mummy” reboot. Featuring Steve and Nate!
Inside Egypt’s Mysterious Pyramids
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign Details
KFC Edible Nail Polish
VANS Nintendo Shoe Line

EGS Productions Podcast #174

EGS talks about Daniel Craig’s interview with London press, billionaires making a difference and the New Jersey Devil being spotted! Featuring Nate, Steve and Leo.
New Jersey Devil Spotted!

Titanic Biscuit Being Sold

Daniel Craig Doesn’t “Give A F**k”

5hr Energy Creator Making A Difference

EGS Productions Podcast #168

EGS sheds details on the latest Razer Wildcat controller, an Ecto Cooler-inspired beer and all while listening to Nate’s random singing moments. Featuring Steve and Nate!
Razer’s Wildcat Xbox One Controller

Ecto Cooler-inspired beer

Bionic Penis Installment In Londen

Wes Craven Eulogy

EGS Productions Podcast #162

EGS is greeted with a returning podcast member to discuss Duff beer being sold overseas, the importance of Magic The Gathering and future plans for the podcast. Featuring Steve, Nate and Mike!
Madden 16 Xbox One Bundle

New Documentary Tells the Story of Developer Midway
Pluto Up Close

Duff Beer Selling Overseas

ICP Magic Cards

EGS Productions Podcast #146

EGS talks about their upcoming convention appearance, Swartsaneggar’s zombie outbreak movie and a cheeseburger ball gag. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Motor City Comic Con 2015

Swatting Incidents Over Minecraft

Night Vision Eye Drops

Cheeseburger Ball Gag

Arnold Swartsaneggar In A Zombie Outbreak

EGS Productions Podcast #126

EGS share their thoughts about Rooster Teeth being acquired, Guinness World Records fiasco, and a huge Batman vs Superman spoiler. Featuring Nate and Steve.


Fullscreen “Acquires” Rooster Teeth

Guinness World Records Crowns Call of Duty as Best Game Series

World of Warcraft Documentary

Batman vs Superman Latest Leak

EGS Productions Podcast #102

EGS grinds through another weeks of the latest gaming, movie and pop culture news. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Watchdogs suffering from UPlay

Nintendo wants lets play money

Watchdogs deal codes:


Worlds tallest waterside

10 years, 100ft dragon into hedge

Panera bread automated ordering systems


EGS Podcast #67

EGS logo 300x300


EGS hates the winter months of Michigan.
Beer on tap in New Zealand house

Russell Brand fashion show speech

Warhammer Online Shutting Down

Xbox One Designed for Horizontal Orientation Only

DICE Exploring Battlefield 4 Head-Tracking Using Kinect

Official Gran Turismo Documentary is in The Works

Bioshock trilogy pack

Valve Reveals Linux-Based SteamOS

BlackBerry Sold for $4.7 Billion After Mass Layoffs

iOS 7.0 release

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Sales Top 9 Million in 3 Days

iFixit Tears Into Apple’s iPhone 5S

Detroit Fanfare Comic Con

Podcast of the Week: Closet-Nerds Podcast