EGS Productions Holiday Podcast #228 (Holiday 2016)

Leo joins the lineup for this special holiday podcast! Sit back and listen to Steve, Leo and Nate talk with Christmas music played in the background. What would your home security be like if you had an unlimited amount of money? Listen to find out what our imagines come up with!!


EGS Productions Podcast #170

EGS gets a visit from Leo and Mike at the office as they discuss about Steve’s ongoing war against the office mice, the worlds first head transplant and a one-way trip to Mars to create a new colony of inbreeding. Featuring Steve, Nate, Leo and Mike!
First Human Head Transplant

Public Urination On An Airplane

Mars One Mission

30 For 30: Angry Sky

EGS Productions Podcast #95

Wrestlemania 30

Ultimate Warrior Passes Away

Bruce Lee in UFC 2014

Buy two get 1 free

Topless women goes crazy on ice cream machine

Tomb Raider graphics comparison

Drunk court reporter types, “i hate my job”

Iron Man, cardboard edition

Podcast of the Week: All Around Geek