Long Week Ahead

Long Week Ahead

To share my thoughts and feelings through a blog post is something I hardly do. It takes time from my day when I can be more productive by doing other things. Things that I may cover my personal life or more content for EGS Productions. Either the case, an achievement guide will not be coming out this week.

This week I’ve lost a dear friend/family member and saw the closing of a local brewery, the Tilted Axis. While I’m not willing to share detail on whom was lost, I’m more then willing to discuss the friendships, my passion for beer and overall, a great year with Tilted Axis.

Why am I writing about a brewery that closed? What’s so special?

The Tilted Axis opened in September 2015 and for the grand opening, I found myself a comfy barstool to plop on for the first time. This venue and that barstool is where the passion for me to brew beer set sail in a right direction. Countless of hours were spent speaking with other locals about brewing beer and it’s helped my passion, for brewing beer, over course of 11 months.  Another thing I usually did when visiting the ol’ Axis was editing content. Yes. I’m guilty of being a “hipster” or being “that guy” who brings his laptop to a place of business for personal use. What people don’t understand is that it’s more about being surrounded by a good atmosphere where you wont get judged because no matter the video I was editing, I never once got questions about what I was doing. I got questions about the beer I drank and how the Detroit Lions are doing in the NFL.

To put it frank, I had a great time while at Tilted Axis. I hope they do re-open someday and the memories keep flowing month after month but it will be different. Good people are leaving and their futures fast approach to their next chapter. Without giving names and possibly forgetting some, y’all know who you are and the fun times that were had. I thank you and hope our paths are soon to cross!

Don’t worry, achievement guides will be coming back next Monday!


'The End'


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