EGS Productions Podcast #220

EGS talks about reliving stress with suction-cupped testicles, Gene Wilder, Microsoft HoloLens and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Friday The 13th The Game
Images of Microsoft HoloLens
Niceballs For Relief
Death to Gene Wilder

EGS Productions Podcast #137

EGS get an expecting visit while recording, discusses the latest geek news and warms their Boston friends of hairy weather conditions. Featuring Steve and Nate.



Myth Busters Video Game Themed

KFC Chicken For A Bun Hotdog

2 Meter Long Creature In Australia

Caught In Middle Of Whale S**t Storm

Satanic School Bus

Tracking Cop Locations

EGS Productions Podcast #131

EGS discuss The Pirate Bay shutdown, Klingon Blood Wine and talk about the real santa spoiler of their childhoods. Featuring Steve and Nate.


Detroit FanFare Comic Con 2015

3D Print Yourself as a Ghostbuster

How To Play With A Slinky

A Cop Pulls Her Over, But Not For A Reason She Could’ve Ever Imagined

Comfy Balls Underwear