EGS Productions Podcast #207

EGS talk about a possible The Division movie, Overwatch stats, dolphin human love, rants about Battlefield 1, and more reactions to the Assassins Creed movie trailer! Featuring Nate and Steve.
The Division Movie
Sausage Fighting Game
Italian Judge Gives Pizza For Alimony

EGS Productions Podcast #205

EGS recaps their experience at this years Motor City Comic Con. Featuring Steve and Nate! A big thanks to all that was involved on making the convention weekend a huge success!!!
Motor City Comic Con 2016

EGS Productions Podcast #204

EGS puts Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen from Comic Book Men in the hot seat for this weeks podcast! Featuring Steve, Nate, Mike D and Chris.


EGS Productions Podcast #204 Cast
EGS Productions Podcast #204 Cast

EGS Productions Podcast #191

EGS discusses the most expensive game expansion to date, offensive Star Wars toys, Mad Catz cutbacks, Assassins Creed and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.


The Sound of Two Black Holes Colliding

Dying Light $10,000,000 DLC

New Halo Toys Line-up

Target Sells Offensive Star Wars Toys

Force Awakens Producers In Trouble

EGS Productions Podcast #188

EGS talks about Russell Crow’s latest “incident”, Ubisoft’s decision to join Elijah Wood and this weeks EGS Productions Cinema History. Featuring Nate and Steve.


Ubisoft Partners With Elijah Wood

More 360 Backwards Compatible Titles

Bulletproof Boba Fett Armor

EGS Productions Podcast #125

EGS bitches about Michigan construction, their history of friendship and all while having a special guest. Featuring Steve, Nate and Mallory.




Wayne Static’s Untimely Death

Microsoft Dismisses R&D Staff In China

Playstation Experience update

Guinness World Record’s Loudest Burp

Furious 7 trailer

EGS Productions Podcast #121

EGS discusses a new way of masterbation, Kevin Smith’s new movie, Tusk, and the latest geek news on the net! Featuring Steve and Nate.
15yr Old Believed to Spent $46,000 On A Free Game

Hackers Charged In The US

Man Commits To Living In Dumpster

China Gets WoW Themed McDonalds

The Handy Handjob Glove

Sheila LaBuff Cuts Face Movie Set

EGS Productions Podcast #94

EGS runs through the wild with the Hulkster. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Prevent Child Abuse
Goat Simulator

April Fools

PSN deals

Lorenzo Semple Jr.

R/C Car Hits 188MPH

Portal Coming Soon to Android-Based Nvidia Shield

McDonalds fan gets tattoo of recipe on arm

Game of Thrones billboard

Angus Oblong

EGS Productions Podcast #90

EGS takes flight into space in this weeks podcast! Featuring Nate and Steve.
Charity of the Month: Multiple Sclerosis

Bioware to remaster Mass Effect

“1998” mode

Cortana to Windows phone

Bitcoin hacked

Destiny trading cards

Zelda sword stabbing

Oscar results

EGS Productions Podcast #89

EGS tries to figure out what happened to cause this post apocalyptic world. Featuring Nate and Steve.
South Park: Stick of Truth censored

PSN deals

Unique Android Phone Sports a Second, E-Ink Display

Mario Kart Ride-on for Kids

Learn To Type While Kicking Ass

Legend Of Zelda Played In First Person With Oculus Rift

To Be More Like Barbie

Super Mario Theme On Ancient Chinese Instrument

LEGO Big Bang Theory Cast And Apartment Build

Night Luxury Submarine

Practice kissing pillow

Ramis’ Death

Die Hard Director John McTiernan Released From Jail

Godzilla trailer

Podcast of the Week: Movie Geeks United