EGS Productions Podcast #234 (June 2017)

Listen as Steve and Megan go over some of the coverage shown at this years E3! Later, Steve calls a fan to discuss their states gun control laws and to share a drunken story that involved a fight.

E3 2017

EGS Productions Podcast #218

EGS talks about the greedy Tom Cruise, Halo Wars 2 beta opportunities, Destiny: The Collection, Kenny Baker and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Destiny: The Collection
Halo Wars 2 Upcoming Beta
Dead Rising 4 Pre-Order
In Memory: Kenny Baker

EGS Productions Podcast #207

EGS talk about a possible The Division movie, Overwatch stats, dolphin human love, rants about Battlefield 1, and more reactions to the Assassins Creed movie trailer! Featuring Nate and Steve.
The Division Movie
Sausage Fighting Game
Italian Judge Gives Pizza For Alimony

EGS Productions Podcast #137

EGS get an expecting visit while recording, discusses the latest geek news and warms their Boston friends of hairy weather conditions. Featuring Steve and Nate.



Myth Busters Video Game Themed

KFC Chicken For A Bun Hotdog

2 Meter Long Creature In Australia

Caught In Middle Of Whale S**t Storm

Satanic School Bus

Tracking Cop Locations

EGS Productions Podcast #136

EGS talk about Dying Light, Oscar nominations and their thoughts about the upcoming Superbowl Halftime Show. Featuring Nate and Steve.

Dying Light: 3D Zombie Figurine Download

Arrest Made Following PSN and Xbox Live Outage At Christmas

Street Fighter 2 And The Multi-talented Man

QVC Host On The Great Moon Debate

Robert Kersheta, Robbie The Robot

EGS Productions Podcast #135

EGS raises their eyebrows over a Smartphone stick for butt selfies, details about the 2015 game release schedule, and sheds light on Norm Breyfogle’s condition. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Championship Details

2015 Game Release Schedule

Norm Breyfogle Donation Link

Sylvester Stallone Writing Desk

Motor City Comic Con 2015

EGS Productions Podcast #132

EGS talks about breast beautifying on a stick, Notch’s new mansion, The Interview situation and all while being in the Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays from Steve and Nate!
Notch’s Mansion in Minecraft

Gingerbread Tower

Breast Beautifying Hand On A Stick

The Interview Limited Release

Goodbye to The Colbert Report

EGS Productions Podcast #128

EGS discusses Detroit Fanfare 2015 Kickstarter campaign, a real blood draining controller and coverage from Super Smash Brothers midnight release. Featuring Steve and Nate.



Limbo Confirmed for Xbox One

PS4 fraud for $90

Playstation sexually pulled ad

Tales from the Borderlands

EGS Productions Podcast #127

EGS discusses robot strippers, a FREE Steam game and drops some early GameStop Black Friday deals! Featuring Steve and Nate.


Newest Destiny Updates

GameStop Black Friday

Virtual Money In Hands

Robo Strippers w/LED

Twerking Surprise

99 iPhone 6’s For Love?

EGS Productions Podcast #125

EGS bitches about Michigan construction, their history of friendship and all while having a special guest. Featuring Steve, Nate and Mallory.




Wayne Static’s Untimely Death

Microsoft Dismisses R&D Staff In China

Playstation Experience update

Guinness World Record’s Loudest Burp

Furious 7 trailer