EGS productions Podcast #226

EGS discusses Ewan McGregor and re-birthing Obi-Wan’s character, Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 3, a possible Red Dead Redemption teaser and more!
Obi-Won Spinoff?
Extra-Life Donation Center

EGS Productions Podcast #185

EGS talk about a World of Warcraft subdivision, Quentin Territino being sued and Xbox One mini rumors. Featuring Nate and Steve!
Canadian Subdivisions Using WoW Names

Bioshock Creator Helping The Sick

Fallout 4: Player Not Killing Anyone

Quentin Territino Being Sued

EGS Productions Podcast #166

EGS discuss Gamescom 2015, Amazon’s CEO comments to their workers and a drunk fisherman who caught a drone. Featuring Steve and Nate!
Gamescom 2015

First Official Star Trek Cruise

Amazon CEO Talking Bad About Amazon Employees

Drunk Fishermen Catches Drone

EGS Productions Podcast #140

EGS breaks news on Halo Nightfall, Star Trek coins and a sex toy called the Vajankle. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Halo Nightfall And Ridley Scott

Bank Fraud Up To 1 Billion Dollars

Perth Mint Releasing Star Trek Coins

Canada Student Invents Cream To Remove Tattoo

Vajankle Sex Toy

EGS Productions Podcast #128.5

EGS reveals this years Black Friday deals, discusses The Walking Dead predictions and a real blood draining controller. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Gaming Controller That Literally Drains Your Blood

French Kissing Bacteria Swapping

Black Plague Remade by Scientists

Oldest Sex Toy Found

List of Theaters for Star Wars Trailer Revealed

EGS Productions Podcast #118

EGS talks about the “what ifs” in movies, discussion in the latest gaming news and responds to a few fan comments. Featuring Nate and Steve.
Mortal Kombat X controllers

Black burgers

3D Printers Build Working Car

Unearthed Atari Games Will Be Sold

The Walking Dead Pinball Machine

Richard Kiel Dies at 74

EGS Productions Podcast #116

EGS goes through the latest PAX news, discusses the history of beer, and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Canada Minting More Superman Coins

Rare All Black Chickens Even Have Black Meat, Bones

Texas Brewery Offering 99-Packs Of Beer

Portable ice cream maker you can kick

Study of Beer

Lord of the Rings Trilogy in concert

EGS Productions Podcast #92

EGS brings in St. Patricks Day 2014, with many milliliters.
Walmart stores to trade games
South Park sequel potential

Fake GTA 5 PC Beta Email

Simpsons lego characters

Newscasters dive under news desk on live tv


Batman and Robin necklaces

Dating app for airline flights

Sarlaac toilet decals

TMNT action figures

EGS Podcast #71


EGS logo 300x300


EGS preps for Detroit Fanfare Comic Con 2013.




Adam and JP Show

Wii stops production, late October

Mister Chief Avatar

GTA V, PC petition

Announced price PS4

“Sea serpent” oarfish found in California

Bruce Campbell Confirms Army Of Darkness Sequel

Bruce Campbell: ‘Spider-Man 4’?

Darth Vader TV Specials

IDW Entertainment, Comics to TV

Podcast of the Week: Gay Sci-Fi Nerds

Podcast of the Week: Women Talk Sci-Fi