EGS Productions Podcast #216

EGS welcomes Nate back to the weekly podcast schedule and discuss a possible Star Wars TV show, Suicide Squad and Pokemon GO! Featuring Steve and Nate.

Xbox One Summer Update
Steve Spilburg = Halo TV Show
Hidden Master Chief In Xbox One S
Joker Star Outlook On Suicide Squad

EGS Productions Podcast #172

EGS talk water being found on Mars, the anti-sex robot, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arthritis, and a Japan tear service. Featuring Steve, Leo, Nate, and Mike!
Yuengling denies ‘pay-to-play’ bribes

Water Found On Mars

Mighty No. 9 New Release Date

‘Emotional Robot’ Pepper Not For Sex

EGS Productions Podcast #160

EGS talks about the Ultimate Xbox Game Sale, Stephan Colbert, Japan VS USA robot battle and Nate describes the ‘do’s and don’ts’ in relationships. Featuring Steve and Nate!
Xbox’s Ultimate Game Sale

Halo 5: Guardians No Splitscreen Co-Op

Stephen Colbert in Monroe, Michigan
Japan VS USA Giant Robot Battle

Robot Kills Worker At Voltswaggon

EGS Productions Podcast #144

EGS talks about a deadly couch, breast milk facials and the latest geek news! Featuring Nate and Steve.


Battlefield Hardline And A Deadly Couch

Frankestein Poster From 1931 Getting Auctioned

Mayor Gave Key To City To Covert Commander

RDJ Presented Boy With Working Robotic Arm

Dead Rising Watchtower