EGS Productions Podcast #225

EGS talks about the Power Rangers teaser trailer, Extra Life charity event, Wasteland 3 funding campaign, GTA V and more!
Wasteland 3 Campign
EGS Productions Stream Team
Power Rangers Taser Trailer
Jason David Frank Interview

EGS Productions Podcast #192

EGS talks Activision layoffs, DICE 2016 Awards, a man eating at a Golden Corral for 7 hours and the latest gaming news! Featuring Steve and Nate.

NASA Sending Art To Astroids

Hover Deemed Un-Safe

DICE Awards 2016

Man Kicked Out Of Golden Coral

EGS Productions Podcast #185

EGS talk about a World of Warcraft subdivision, Quentin Territino being sued and Xbox One mini rumors. Featuring Nate and Steve!
Canadian Subdivisions Using WoW Names

Bioshock Creator Helping The Sick

Fallout 4: Player Not Killing Anyone

Quentin Territino Being Sued

EGS Productions Podcast #161

EGS discusses San Diego Comic-Con coverage, HoloLens being used for medical practice, and a strange way to pleasure yourself. Featuring Steve and Nate!

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Trailers

Halo 5 Multiplayer Warzone Map In Mega Blocks

Batman And TMNT Cross-over

HoloLens And Anatomy
-Microsoft HoloLens transforms the way we teach anatomy
600 Miles To San Diego Comic-Con

EGS Productions Podcast #157

EGS talks about this years, E3! Featuring Steve and Nate.

E3 2015

Selling Plots Of The Sun

YouTube Gaming

Teens React: Contra

EGS Productions Podcast #148

EGS is stuck without power but still produces another weekly bonerific podcast! Featuring Steve and Nate.

Preserving Gaming

Game Of Thrones Toilet w/Swords

Indiana Jones in Real Life! In 4K!

EGS Productions Podcast #140

EGS breaks news on Halo Nightfall, Star Trek coins and a sex toy called the Vajankle. Featuring Steve and Nate.
Halo Nightfall And Ridley Scott

Bank Fraud Up To 1 Billion Dollars

Perth Mint Releasing Star Trek Coins

Canada Student Invents Cream To Remove Tattoo

Vajankle Sex Toy

EGS Productions Podcast #139

EGS discuss funny articles around the world, Nintendo’s new demanding policy for YouTube and EGS’s experiences with random online gamers.
Rare Animations In Hardline Beta

Neil Armstrong Memorabilia

Quadcopter Millennium Falcon

BattleBots Coming Back To Television

Man’s Resemblance of Red Skull

EGS Productions Podcast #113

EGS discusses Gamescon 2014 and other pressing news. Featuring Nate and Steve.
The Heart of a Champion

Assassins Creed monopoly game

Beastie Boys, ‘So What’Cha Want’ Muppets style

UK trying to ban smoking

Robin Williams death

EGS Productions Podcast #90

EGS takes flight into space in this weeks podcast! Featuring Nate and Steve.
Charity of the Month: Multiple Sclerosis

Bioware to remaster Mass Effect

“1998” mode

Cortana to Windows phone

Bitcoin hacked

Destiny trading cards

Zelda sword stabbing

Oscar results