EGS Productions Podcast #223

EGS releases the upcoming FREE Xbox Games With Gold, Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, and Adolf Hitler in Transformers? Find out the details now!
Transformers 5 and Including Nazis

EGS Productions Podcast #154

EGS waters their mouths over Lava Steaks and visualize how it would be to spend a day with George Lucas. Featuring Steve and Nate.

Sony E3 Presentation, Coming To Theaters

Oculus VR Accused of Breach of Contract and Fraud

Lava Steaks

Batkid Trailer

EGS Productions Podcast #127

EGS discusses robot strippers, a FREE Steam game and drops some early GameStop Black Friday deals! Featuring Steve and Nate.


Newest Destiny Updates

GameStop Black Friday

Virtual Money In Hands

Robo Strippers w/LED

Twerking Surprise

99 iPhone 6’s For Love?