EGS Productions Podcast #211

EGS celebrates RTX 2016! Featuring Steve, Megan, Ian and Chris.
RTX Event 2016

EGS Productions Podcast #207

EGS talk about a possible The Division movie, Overwatch stats, dolphin human love, rants about Battlefield 1, and more reactions to the Assassins Creed movie trailer! Featuring Nate and Steve.
The Division Movie
Sausage Fighting Game
Italian Judge Gives Pizza For Alimony

EGS Productions Podcast #110

EGS talks about RTX and the latest gaming news. Featuring Steve, Chris and Brandon. Sit tight after the podcast for a very special guest.
RTX 2014

Fan Caught Sleeping at Yankees statium

Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar

The Original Mortal Kombat Cast

Drone Fly-Through Of Fireworks Display