EGS Productions Podcast #215

EGS chats about the Warrior Dash charity run, Disney Infinity, Darksiders, Uncharted movie and someone being sexually assaulted by a doll! Featuring Steve and Megan.
San Diego Comic Con
Doll Assaulting Guest

EGS Productions Podcast #214

EGS talks about content from San Diego Comic Con, Destiny, Star Wars, NES Classic Edition and more! Featuring Steve.
San Diego Comic Con
South Park: The Fractured But Whole Special Edition
Destiny: Rise of Iron Pre-Order Bonus
NES Classic Edition

EGS Productions Podcast #207

EGS talk about a possible The Division movie, Overwatch stats, dolphin human love, rants about Battlefield 1, and more reactions to the Assassins Creed movie trailer! Featuring Nate and Steve.
The Division Movie
Sausage Fighting Game
Italian Judge Gives Pizza For Alimony

EGS Productions Podcast #166

EGS discuss Gamescom 2015, Amazon’s CEO comments to their workers and a drunk fisherman who caught a drone. Featuring Steve and Nate!
Gamescom 2015

First Official Star Trek Cruise

Amazon CEO Talking Bad About Amazon Employees

Drunk Fishermen Catches Drone

EGS Productions Podcast #164

EGS discuss The Rock VS Vin Diesel throw down, Blizzard’s tribute to a former employee and talk about what video games celebrities play! Featuring Steve and Nate.


Blizzard’s Moving Tribute

The Butler Kickstarter

Breaking Bad-Themed Coffee Shop

1,000 Musicians Play Learning How To Fly

NERF Gun Shoots Balls At 70mph

EGS Productions Podcast #145

EGS discusses the latest Twitch security breach, an anonymous bag of dicks and talks about the pains of watching movies with their families. Featuring Steve and Nate.


Guardians Teaser Site Countdown Revealed

Twitch Confirms Security Breach of User Accounts

Playstation View

Coffee Stained Star Wars Portraits

Service To Send Bag Of Dicks To Someone

EGS Productions Podcast #142

EGS talks about Batman Arkham Knight hidden codes, their plan to blackmail John Dimaggio and the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Featuring, Steve and Nate.


Unreal Engine 4 For FREE

Batman Arkham Knight Hidden Codes

These Glasses Foil Facial Recognition Software

Jason Voorhees Coffee Table

Leonard Nimoy

EGS Productions Podcast #89

EGS tries to figure out what happened to cause this post apocalyptic world. Featuring Nate and Steve.
South Park: Stick of Truth censored

PSN deals

Unique Android Phone Sports a Second, E-Ink Display

Mario Kart Ride-on for Kids

Learn To Type While Kicking Ass

Legend Of Zelda Played In First Person With Oculus Rift

To Be More Like Barbie

Super Mario Theme On Ancient Chinese Instrument

LEGO Big Bang Theory Cast And Apartment Build

Night Luxury Submarine

Practice kissing pillow

Ramis’ Death

Die Hard Director John McTiernan Released From Jail

Godzilla trailer

Podcast of the Week: Movie Geeks United