EGS Productions Podcast #225

EGS talks about the Power Rangers teaser trailer, Extra Life charity event, Wasteland 3 funding campaign, GTA V and more!
Wasteland 3 Campign
EGS Productions Stream Team
Power Rangers Taser Trailer
Jason David Frank Interview

EGS Productions Podcast #176

EGS question Master Chiefs real identity, Nike’s self lacing shoes and enjoys snacks from North Carolina. Featuring Steve, Nate and Andrew!
Extra Life

Self Lacing Nikes

EA Reveals More Star Wars Battlefront Beta Stats

Fallout Beer

A 103 Year-Old Titanic Cracker Sold!

EGS Podcast #66

EGS logo 300x300

EGS is 50% off IQ points.
Halo Dev: Metal Gear Solid V Character Design Is ‘Disgusting’

Amazon UK released GTA V early

GTA V Cheats and Secrets

Dead Rising 3 is flush with dark horror

iPhone 5S Touch ID

Lucas Black Is Back Behind The Wheel

Trade in your iPad

Ultra Rare Pikachu Illustrator Card

Apple Tests iPhone Screens

Spot Northampton’s Clown

Guinness World Records: Largest Collection of Star Wars Memorabilia

Real-Life Batman and Captain America

Podcast of the Week: Adam and JP Show

Banzai Beat