EGS Productions Podcast #218

EGS talks about the greedy Tom Cruise, Halo Wars 2 beta opportunities, Destiny: The Collection, Kenny Baker and more! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Destiny: The Collection
Halo Wars 2 Upcoming Beta
Dead Rising 4 Pre-Order
In Memory: Kenny Baker

EGS Productions Podcast #175

EGS goes over Friday the 13th: The Game kickstarter, applications on your phone that may be sharing your personal information, caffeinated peanut butter, and all while eating Australian candy! Featuring Steve and Nate.
Star Wars Plane Takes First Flight

Friday the 13th: The Game

Apps Banned For Breaching Users’ Personal Info

SNES Powered On For 20 Years!


EGS Podcast #59

EGS logo 300x300

EGS runs solo on legendary.



Pot reportedly found on Bieber tour bus

Delta Passenger Abandons Baggage

Unhealthy gaming?

Xbox One accessories

Borderlands meet Minecraft skins

Robin Williams returns to TV

Star Wars Rebels Logo and Concept Art

Jamie Foxx to play Spawn?