Extra Life 2016

We were very proud to be apart of this past years Extra Life event that started November 5th and ending November 6th. That’s right boys and girls, a 24hr gaming marathon! Chris Kelly approached Steve in 2015 with this fabulous idea of raising money for local children’s hospitals and a few hours later, the ‘EGS Productions Stream Team’ was formed! They couldn’t do this daunting alone so they’ve recruited a few gaming friends to help raise money for their local charities. Soon, you’ll be able to click each profile and see what money is being raised for their local children’s hospital and please, don’t forget to donate! Donations will be accepted until late December 2016.

More ‘EGS Productions Stream Team’ Roster Coming Soon!

steves-profile-pic Steve Scotland (Michigan Hurley Children Hospital)


chris-kelly-profile-pic Chris Kelly (Boston Children Hospital)